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Date(s) - 03/01/2018 - 05/01/2018
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Elderberry Syrup: The Natural Answer to the Flu

Carbondale – This flu season has been particularly nasty, and in some cases, deadly across the United States. Some rely on the flu shot for protection; many have opted for a natural approach to flu treatment and prevention. Elderberry syrup, traditionally made from elderberries, honey, and spices, has been the treatment of choice.

Elderberry syrup is often taken to prevent flu, reduce symptoms, and shorten illness duration. Herbalists have long used elderberries due to their high levels of antioxidants and vitamins. A 2017 study in the Journal for Functional Food discovered that “elderberry is characterized by high antioxidant activity,” and “has mainly antibacterial and antiviral properties.”

In response to this year’s incessant flu season, elderberries and elderberry syrup have been in high demand. Local stores, the Neighborhood Co-op and Town Square Market, have seen elderberry syrup fly off the shelves. “We have had a lot of new customers specifically looking for elderberry syrup as their go-to cold and flu remedy. More and more people are learning about the health benefits of elderberry syrup,” reported Jennifer Pellow, General Manager of Town Square Market.

Locally owned Dayempur Herbals has been producing elderberry syrup as well as other herbal remedies in Carbondale, IL since 2007. Dayempur Herbals grows organic herbs, purchases from known sources and uses traditional methods to handcraft elderberry syrup, tinctures, infused oils, salves and sprays.

Many find success in preventing and treating flu with Dayempur Herbals Elderberry Syrup. “This elderberry syrup is nothing short of amazing for colds and congestion. My grandson’s lingering congestion cleared up with just two doses. When I take it at the beginning of a cold, it nips it in the bud,” declared Joy Nur, Carbondale resident.

Elderberry syrup also serves as a remedy for spring allergies. The syrup is particularly effective in boosting the immune system and relieving upper respiratory congestion, making it a great choice for treating allergies.

You can find Dayempur Herbals elderberry syrup in over 25 stores across the region including Town Square Market and the Neighborhood Co-op in Carbondale, IL, Good Life Nutrition in Marion, IL and Medicap Pharmacy in Anna, IL.

For more information, please call 618-713-5996, email info@dayempurherbals.com or visit dayempurherbals.com.

Elderberries appear two months after elderflowers blossom. In Southern Illinois, August is Elderberry harvest month.

Dayempur Herbals offers Elderberry Syrup in One, Four, and Eight Ounce bottles for flu prevention and treatment.

Dayempur Herbals organically grows and locally produces herbs for remedies like Elderberry Syrup.